Nam-Endorsed Skills Certification System Producing a High-Performance Manufacturing Sorkforce

The Solution - The NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System

Why Certification and Credentials?

In 2005-06, manufacturing industry executives, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, identified the basic or core competencies necessary for workers to succeed in virtually all entry-level jobs across all sectors within manufacturing. The NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System will revolutionize education and training for 21st century manufacturing by providing skills assessments, standardized curriculum requirements, and portable credentials that validate the attainment of these critical competencies required by industry.

For Manufacturers

The NAM system will ensure their workers have the skills required for jobs in today’s manufacturing economy. By recognizing and requiring skills certifications, employers can:

  • Strengthen employee recruitment, training, and retention and boost loyalty;
  • Identify the right person for the right job, validating employees’ skills; and
  • Address training gaps, increasing productivity and decreasing accidents, enhancing workplace safety.

For Workers and Students

Credentials gained through the NAM system will strengthen an individual’s ability to be mobile in the workforce, compete for higher-level jobs, and move to in-demand careers by:

  • Providing skills and competencies recognized industry-wide; and
  • Providing career pathways clearly mapped to educational pathways tied to credentials preferred by employers in multiple sectors.

For Educators

The NAM system will standardize curriculum requirements leading to:

  • Competency-based instruction with measurable objectives;and,
  • Portable and stackable industry-recognized credentials with real value in the workplace.